We Are Unique

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Reverend Tom Wilt performing a wedding ceremony
Reverend Tom Wilt performing a Wedding Ceremony
A Couple enjoying the end of their ceremony outside

Why choose us?

It seems appropriate that we, as a married couple, will be providing assistance to you during your wedding preparations. We can help you to put into words the values, relationship, ideas and emotions you wish to convey.

Since the ceremony reflects your love and your guests will witness that love, only you can judge what speaks from your hearts.

We provide you with multiple selections for every aspect of the ceremony: Greetings, Readings, Vows and Blessings. The booklet also contains a section of optional rituals: Unity Candle, Roses Ritual, Sand Ceremony, Hands of the Bride and Groom and many more. It is your day, it should be your way.

Once we receive your deposit (which reserves your date), we will create a wedding ceremony for your special day.

On your wedding day, we will arrive sufficiently ahead of time; we will monitor the setup of your wedding site, to make sure that everything in regard to your ceremony is running smoothly.

We touch base with all persons involved in your ceremony: Photographer, Musicians, Readers, Facility Coordinator, etc.

We will perform your ceremony in a reverent and sensitive manner. We will keep your guests focused on both of you throughout the ceremony. This day is your ‘special’ day; all we say and do will speak about your love and your expressions of life commitment to each other.


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