Why Choose Us?

We believe in what we do. We are passionate about it and want to help you to be creative in putting a unique ceremony together. We give you guidelines and materials to do that with; but if you are creative on your own, go to it. Just send us the words and we will honor them.

We keep things light and help calm any nervousness. We believe in making your day joyful and celebratory.  This is what sets us apart from more traditional officiants.

We honor the beliefs  of each individual couple, be they secular, spiritual, or religious; your ceremony can be traditional, contemporary or a combination of both. We are merely the facilitators of your celebration. You decide that by the choices you make for the ceremony.

We encourage you to think outside the box  and are willing to try unconventional things if you desire.

We are dynamic speakers. We are also knowledgeable about ceremony etiquette, but believe you are in the driver’s seat and that you’re free to do things any way you want. Etiquette, after all, is simply about making people comfortable. We’ll help you do that your way.

We have a wealth of written ceremony resources from which you can select wording for all the typical and not-so typical parts of your wedding ceremony. And of course, your ideas are welcomed too.

Because we respect the right of each individual in the relationship to freely commit their love to one another and to know what is right for them, we do not offer or require pre-marital counseling. We make suggestions of where to go for that if you wish.

And best of all, a Hearts and Flowers wedding ceremony is never cookie-cutter. We want your ceremony to be uniquely yours.

Please contact us through our website or call us directly at 352-751-7378

Reverend Tom Wilt performing a wedding ceremony
Reverend Tom performing a ceremony on the beach
Reverend Tom Wilt of Hearts and Flowers Wedding Ceremonies
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